August 18, 2022 Episode 045

Peering Inside Home Health and VBC with Clinician, Investor, Operator and Public Servant, Dr. Julian Harris

As a physician who led the healthcare team at the White House Office of Management and Budget, the Massachusetts Medicaid Program, and technology investments at Cigna, Dr. Julian Harris, now focuses on driving value and delivering care at home as CEO of ConcertoCare.

Peering Inside Home Health and VBC with Clinician, Investor, Operator and Public Servant, Dr. Julian Harris

Dr. Julian Harris developed a personal passion for home health and shifting care towards value watching his father and his grandfather serve as caregivers for his mother and grandmother, who both had complex health conditions. He started his professional life as a primary care doctor in community health centers and safety net hospitals, but with an interest in business, gravitated towards a career that has spanned the highest levels of provider, payer, government and many other organizations. He is now applying his knowledge and experience towards his passion for care at home, serving as chairman and CEO at ConcertoCare, a value-based provider of at-home, comprehensive care for seniors and other adults with unmet health and social needs.

In addition to his role leading ConcertoCare, Dr. Harris is also an operating partner at the healthcare investment firm, Deerfield Management, and earlier in his career served as an advisor to Google Ventures (GV). He also led the healthcare team in the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and before that, served as the chief executive for the Massachusetts Medicaid program. Most recently, before joining Deerfield, Dr. Harris worked at Cigna, where he led U.S. Strategic Operations and internal investment in technology and innovation, and then served as President of CareAllies, a group of Cigna-affiliated population health management and home-based primary care companies.

In this episode of Healthcare is Hard, Keith Figlioli’s conversation with Dr. Harris covers a wide array of topics related to healthcare innovation and new care delivery, including:

  • The levers of shifting care towards value. Drawing on his perspectives from clinical, innovation and policy roles (at both the federal and state level), Dr. Harris describes how he thinks about the different levers that can be adjusted to improve quality while ensuring that healthcare is affordable. He talks about the main goal of incentivizing providers to practice evidence-based medicine and adjusting key levers including the number of people covered, level of benefits, negotiated rates with providers, and utilization, and how they all impact each other.
  • The VBC journey for each category of home care. Dr. Harris discusses the broad range of services delivered in the home – from PT and OT, to infusion services, palliative care, hospice, and even home-based primary care. He talks about how organizations focused on individual components of home care are finding their way towards value, how Medicare and Medicaid are driving the movement, and the end goal of combining all the pieces for comprehensive care.
  • Thoughtful acceleration of digital tools. While there are many barriers for aging patients to engage with digital tools, Dr. Harris is seeing thoughtful and effective execution by companies addressing issues like remote patient monitoring, medication adherence, and chronic condition management. He sees the most success with patients utilizing these tools in an integrated model and talks about the increasing role digital tools will naturally play as people engage more as they age, or before they develop complex health conditions.

To hear Dr. Harris and Keith talk about these topics and more, listen to this episode of Healthcare is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders.