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We dive deep and understand every aspect of the challenges and opportunities in healthcare by collaborating closely with the providers, payers and healthcare organizations across our strategic network. These are the insights that guide or thesis-driven approach to investing.

Market Brief

by Keith Figlioli

Gen AI is poised to transform healthcare by enabling solutions to address numerous challenges. But the transformation won’t – and shouldn’t – happen overnight. Thoughtful progression on...

Market Brief

by Keith Figlioli, Josh Flum, Ellen Herlacher & Tripp Peake

To kick off the new year, our team spent time thinking about what we expect to see in the year ahead. As seen in Forbes, MedCity News, Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Innovation, check out our...

Market Brief

by Keith Figlioli, Karen Au Yeung & Lise Courtney D'Amico

In this report, we explore three use cases for data and intelligence where we are seeing significant momentum and potential: business intelligence, clinical intelligence, and data networks and...

Market Brief

by Ellen Herlacher & Lise Courtney D'Amico

Venture-backed deals in the autism space are surging as more children are diagnosed, but the market needs a few additional cycles to validate new therapeutic approaches and align incentives of all...