Ellen Reilly


About Sware

Sware (formerly known as Boston Technology Research) is transforming compliance across regulated life sciences and healthcare industries, leading the transition from an inefficient, manual approach to an automated, workflow-driven, data-centric solution. By driving the end-to-end validation process, Sware’s advanced technology and automation enables the painless adoption of emerging technologies for healthcare, life sciences, and SaMD companies, ensuring consistency in compliance to keep companies in a constant state of inspection readiness.

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Working with LRVHealth has helped us elevate all areas of our business. LRVHealth is more than an appreciated investor; we've been able to tap into their collective wisdom from decades of experience as successful investors and operators. The team’s counsel is essential to helping us evolve and refine our decision-making during a period of rapid growth.

- Ellen Reilly, CEO
Sware (FKA Boston Technology Research)