Joanne Spadoro

About First Light Diagnostics

First Light Diagnostics is developing rapid antimicrobial susceptibility tests (AST) to determine the optimal antibiotic to treat infections in hours, instead of days, as is the current practice. In addition to improving patient outcomes, the availability of the company’s rapid ASTs contribute to the attenuation of multidrug-resistant pathogens, a growing global problem.

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LRVHealth has been an engaged partner to First Light Diagnostics since 2017 and has participated in several fundraising rounds. Tripp Peake, who sits on our board of directors, is always available to discuss strategic issues, provide guidance, and speak with other potential investors. As First Light’s CEO, I not only appreciate LRV’s financial investment, but also Tripp’s personal involvement.

- Joanne Spadoro,President and CEO
First Light Diagnostics