LRVHealth provides early stage capital and support to the next generation of high impact healthcare companies.

LRVHealth is an “Inside Healthcare” venture capital platform that was established in 2000 by an experienced team of healthcare investors, operators, and advisors. LRVHealth’s investors include leading provider, payer, and vendor organizations who collaborate to identify, invest in, and adopt innovative solutions to the industry’s most pressing needs. The LRVHealth team provides early stage capital, operating experience, and industry insights to build the next generation of high impact healthcare companies.

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The LRVHealth Network

The LRVHealth Network is designed around “insiders” of the US healthcare system, with a group of leading providers and payers - who are both investors and active strategic partners - at its core. The LRVHealth network also includes healthcare vendors, healthcare executives and thought leaders, and an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, co-investors, and other resources resulting from two decades of experience in healthcare.

Finally, the LRVHealth network includes the Innovation Institute, one of the industry’s leading innovation and product commercialization organizations operated by former healthcare administrators and owned by a number of leading healthcare systems. Network participants help define market needs, build out investment thesis, source investments, vet investment opportunities, and pilot market solutions that are most relevant and impactful to their operations.

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  • “When Katrina happened in 2005, it was this really interesting moment when a catastrophe opened some doors for us to create a healthcare system that would allow us to not only practice great medicine but address the non-medical drivers of health.” -Karen DeSalvo In Episode 8 of “Healthcare is Hard: A Podcast for Insiders," former HHS Assistant Secretary, Karen DeSalvo, discusses Social Determinants of Health and more with Keith Figlioli:

  • Genome Medical, Inc. announced a $23M series B round this morning to help it bring genomics to more people through telemedicine. We participated in the round alongside a number of other great healthcare industry investors and couldn’t be happier to be working with the Genome Medical team.

  • Keith J. Figlioli recently recorded the next #HealthcareIsHard podcast with guest Karen DeSalvo where they dive deep into social determinants and more. It'll be hitting your favorite podcast app soon!